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Katie and José’s Highlight Film

date: 4/21/2019
ceremony: St. Raymond’s Maronite Cathedral – St. Louis
reception: Missouri Botanical Gardens – Spink Pavilion Wedding Video
videographer: gaadt productions
photographer: mike cassimatis
music: artlist

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The Couple’s Reaction

“José and I are absolutely blown away and filled with so many happy emotions!!! We waited until after we had each finished our workdays to watch it together and both started crying! It helped us remember little bits and pieces of the day that we didn’t even realize we had forgotten! Thank you for memorializing this joyous day for us so beautifully! We absolutely love how you’ve done the highlights and the spectacular preview!!! We could not be more excited to share the highlights video with our friends, family and future generations!” Katie + José: April 21, 2019


Tulip Garden Kissing - missouri botanical gardens wedding video

Beautiful Tulip Garden on Wedding DayMissouri Botanical Gardens Wedding at night - gaadt productions

Beautiful Bride in the Garden on her wedding day - wedding videography

Sunset at the MO Botanical Gardens wedding video

Missouri Botanical Gardens Wedding Videography – gaadt productions

Bride and Groom walking in the Tulip Garden

sunset in the garden - wedding video

Adam and Karen’s St Louis Wedding took place on The Hill in South City St. Louis at the beautiful St. Ambrose Catholic Church. Congratulations! #stlouisweddingfilm

date: 9/8/2018
ceremony: St. Ambrose Catholic Church on The Hill (https://www.stambroseonthehill.com/st-ambrose-church/)
reception: The Coronado Ballroom – St Louis (http://thecoronado.com/)
videographer: Gaadt Productions https://gaadt360.com/wedding-videos/
music: Artlist

Watch on YouTube: Karen and Adam // St Louis Wedding Video

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Here’s a sneak peek into Julie and Barrett’s Wedding Film!

Videography by: Gaadt Productions

date: 6/9/19
ceremony & reception: River City Casino / South City St. Louis
videographer: Gaadt Productions / St. Louis Wedding Videography
music: Artlist

View on YouTube: Scott + Liz Wedding Video

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Brian is a fighter pilot in the navy, while Lizzie is a musician. The year of their wedding they spent almost eight months apart, in different time zones, and on opposite sides of the world.

They met at 16 but followed their dreams in different parts of the country for nearly eight years: Brian’s path taking him through flight school in five different states, and Lizzie’s path taking her to LA to pursue her craft. They reconnected for a good many years later when Lizzie moved to the northwest to be with Brian; each of them still passionately pursuing their dreams. They would still have to spend a lot of time apart with Lizzie touring and Brian’s deployments, but they were as committed to one another as they were to their passion.

“True love is never easy and is always tested by life”

The trailer showcases elements of where they were during their time apart; Brian in the sky and Lizzie at various concert venues, and of course, reuniting at airports–a constant in their relationship with Brian being in the Navy. Ten years after they met and told each other what they wanted to be when they grew up, here they are, still supporting each other, rooting for each other, and loving each other unconditionally; content as soulmates on their wedding day and beyond.

“Those who burn with the fire of this love are destined to light up this world by setting the fire of love to the other lives they touch”

cinematographer: Gaadt Productions / St. Louis Wedding Videography
venue: Silver Oaks Chateau / St Louis
music: The Music Bed

View on YouTube: FIRE of this LOVE

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“Her heart will always be safe with you”
John + Candice, what a dynamic couple! From the moment you took our breath away with your emotional vows at the altar, we knew this would be a wedding film to remember. Your vibrant love radiates on screen almost as much as it dazzled us in real life.

Thank you so much for allowing us to be a small part of your lifelong love story.

date: 3 / 5 / 2016
ceremony: Shrine of St. Joseph
reception: The Caramel Room at Bissinger’s
cinematographer: Gaadt Productions
photographer: Keith Lee Studios
music: The Music Bed

Featured on: The Caramel Room Blog

View on YouTube: John + Candice

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Matt and Marissa’s wedding video. Beautiful Bride, beautiful wedding and a fantastic couple! Cheers!

Ceremony: Trinity Lutheran Church-Soulard
Reception: Windows On Washington
Cinematographer: Gaadt Productions
Photographer: Jennifer Thompson Photography
Music licensed through The Music Bed

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