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date: June 20, 2015
locations: Georgetown, Washington DC & St. Louis
ceremony: Our Lady of Pillar – St. Louis
reception venue: John Burroughs
cinematographer: Gaadt Productions
music: The Music Bed & Marmoset

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“Her heart will always be safe with you”
John + Candice, what a dynamic couple! From the moment you took our breath away with your emotional vows at the altar, we knew this would be a wedding film to remember. Your vibrant love radiates on screen almost as much as it dazzled us in real life.

Thank you so much for allowing us to be a small part of your lifelong love story.

date: 3 / 5 / 2016
ceremony: Shrine of St. Joseph
reception: The Caramel Room at Bissinger’s
cinematographer: Gaadt Productions
photographer: Keith Lee Studios
music: The Music Bed

Featured on: The Caramel Room Blog

View on YouTube: John + Candice

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“That’s special, knowing you can get through pretty much anything.”
When you love someone you believe in them. You stay by their side.
Chris + Jennifer left us moved as we learned the power of their devotion, and witnessed the magic of their romance.
Their day started with touches of tradition, and ended with an exquisite evening we’ll never forget. But one theme ran throughout: Love conquers all.
Congratulations and thank you for having us capture your special day.
The Coronado Ballroom
Ritz Carlton, St. Louis
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“My life has changed in so many incredible ways since I met you.”
Matt + Christy, your kind spirits and genuine love for one another left us inspired and grateful that we were able to be a part your wedding day.
We wish you both a lifetime of happiness, and hope your wedding film allows you to relive this magical day for years to come.

Anyone can see the love and chemistry between these two love birds. A day filled with April showers didn’t stop these two love birds from enjoying their wedding day. Congratulations Tyler & Joann!

date: 4 / 25 / 2015
ceremony: Xavier Francis College Church/ Grand Avenue – St. Louis
reception: The Four Seasons Saint Louis
cinematographer: Gaadt Productions
photographer: L Photographie
music: The Music Bed

It’s not everyday you see a wedding take place at Six Flags…But when you do, let’s hope it’s as awesome as this one! Watch the video!

Date: August 30, 2014
Ceremony: Six Flags St. Louis – Empire Theater
Reception: Six Flags Pavillon
Cinematographer: Brian Gaadt Productions
Photographer: Greg Lappin Photography