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Brian is a fighter pilot in the navy, while Lizzie is a musician. The year of their wedding they spent almost eight months apart, in different time zones, and on opposite sides of the world.

They met at 16 but followed their dreams in different parts of the country for nearly eight years: Brian’s path taking him through flight school in five different states, and Lizzie’s path taking her to LA to pursue her craft. They reconnected for a good many years later when Lizzie moved to the northwest to be with Brian; each of them still passionately pursuing their dreams. They would still have to spend a lot of time apart with Lizzie touring and Brian’s deployments, but they were as committed to one another as they were to their passion.

“True love is never easy and is always tested by life”

The trailer showcases elements of where they were during their time apart; Brian in the sky and Lizzie at various concert venues, and of course, reuniting at airports–a constant in their relationship with Brian being in the Navy. Ten years after they met and told each other what they wanted to be when they grew up, here they are, still supporting each other, rooting for each other, and loving each other unconditionally; content as soulmates on their wedding day and beyond.

“Those who burn with the fire of this love are destined to light up this world by setting the fire of love to the other lives they touch”

cinematographer: Gaadt Productions / St. Louis Wedding Videography
venue: Silver Oaks Chateau / St Louis
music: The Music Bed

View on YouTube: FIRE of this LOVE

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